AJ Evans – President


Senah Guynes – Vice President


Caleb Miller – Secretary


Rebekah Lilliendahl – Treasurer


Caleb and Clair

Caleb and Claire Bermudez

caleb.bermudez@cru.org claire.bermudez@cru.org

Caleb and Claire live in South Philly with their three kids – Lydia, Elena, and Aslan. Caleb is from South Jersey and a graduate of Rutgers University. Claire hails from West Virginia and is a WVU grad. They love to travel, learn about new cultures, and drink strong coffee. Their favorite city is Barcelona (and Philly).

Amy Bogan

Amy Bogan

This is Amy’s first year Philly Cru. She made her way across the state, growing up in Pittsburgh and graduating from Penn State University before heading to Philly. Her heart for ministry toward women has grown over the years, stemming from other women pouring into her own life. She loves all things sports, running, and watching rerun episodes of Gilmore Girls.


Kathleen and Evan Chappell

Kathleen and Evan Chappell

Kathleen and Evan are newlyweds and come from their beloved commonwealth of Virginia. Kathleen is a Communication studies graduate from Christopher Newport University, a small liberal arts school in VA. She served as an intern with Cru in Richmond, VA for the past two years and joined the Philly team as a part-time staff member. Evan is an Engineering graduate from the University of Virginia and served the past two years as an intern with Cru for the Central Virginia team. Kathleen and Evan met while on staff and enjoy bench sitting, eating beef noodle soup, exploring new places, eating fries, and drinking Orangina.

Kathleen.Chappell@cru.org Evan.Chappell@cru.org